MT Is a Great Place to Live and Work
Let’s keep it that way

We are Montana entrepreneurs, businesspeople and citizens who believe that strong leadership by our elected officials is essential for maintaining vibrant communities and promoting the economic futures of Montanans.

We believe our elected leaders should focus on creating and maintaining the right conditions for job growth and strong economic futures in Montana. At the heart of those conditions are four key principles, listed below, that we believe are key to building resilient and enduring businesses and communities in Montana.

We believe perseverance and long-term focus are required of all of us in order to protect and advance these principles. We have created this website to provide a platform where Montana business leaders and individuals can learn about and advocate for policies that are critical to these principles that are so critical to Montana’s future.

We invite you to UNITE WITH 218 OTHERS to help accomplish this. You don’t have to be a technology entrepreneur to have your voice heard. Join us regardless of your profession. Go to the “Who’s In” page and add your name to show your support.

Principles for Progress

  • Public Education: Well-funded K-12 public schools, university system, research, pre-K, community colleges, coding, apprenticeships and job training and retraining
  • Diversity: Inclusion of all citizens and stakeholders in Montana’s communities, institutions and businesses
  • Environment: Clean, healthy environment, public lands and public access
  • Infrastructure: Roads, bridges, buildings, internet, air routes that connect our communities and support our businesses.

Montana Strengths

  • Highest rate of entrepreneurial activity with a growing tech/biotech industry
  • Sixth fastest wage growth in the US
  • Best state to live, work and play in
  • Number 3 in the country for lowest tax rate on median households
  • Government policies that welcome and respect diversity
  • Clean environment and support for public lands and access
  • Tax structure that is favorable to business start-ups and growth (there is a strong and effective public school system