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Some of you may want to share your own story about why you live and work in Montana, why the four Principles we highlight on the Home Page, as well as other factors, are important to you and your business or industry and why you believe leadership in the Governor’s office is important. This page provides a way to tell other readers your story. If you have something to say, please fill out the form below and we will post it as soon as we can. Your message should be limited to 150 words. We will need your name, city/town, industry sector and email. We cannot promise that every story will be posted here but we’ll do our best. It may take time for us to respond, either by posting it or letting you know we are not able to and why. Messages should be civil, respectful and void of improper language.

Kim Scurry | Technology | Bozeman

The factors that make Montana a great place to do business are the same ones that make it a great place to live. To continue building a strong business climate, we need to continue to provide welcoming communities to diverse populations, access to Montana’s beautiful public lands, the right infrastructure for businesses to prosper and education that is a draw to families. Bullock’s policies and positions support a multi-dimensional, long-term approach to sustaining and preserving all that Montana has to offer. That’s what matters to people and that’s why businesses will continue to grow in and be drawn to Montana.

Sarah Savage | Location Based Digital Marketing | Bozeman

I am voting (again) for Gov. Bullock because I want a statesman leading Montana who takes the long view regarding their actions and directions. I care about well paying jobs in Montana, but not at the cost of forfeiting the next generation’s future or even our own very near future. By taking the long view I believe you can achieve an environment that encourages a healthy economy and a healthy environment.

Chris Burke | Coffee Roasting Retail Wholesale Distribution | West Yellowstone

Plain and simple. Steve Bullock and his administration have proven themselves to be fiscally responsible supporters of small business, public lands, economic growth and innovation. I can think of no better candidate to continue growing the state of Montana while maintaining its character and heritage. As a small manufacturer reliant upon tourism and public lands for my business, I look forward to a second term. Policies that support economic growth at all levels, via Governor Bullock’s various offices, are crucial to a better Montana, now and in the future.

Swep Davis | Conservationist and Retired Rancher | Bozeman

As a retired rancher and businessman, an avid outdoorsman and a strong believer in the private sector as a driver of economic prosperity, I strongly endorse the principles that OpenSourceMT espouses. Public lands by way of the outdoor recreation industry drive much more economic activity than the timber and extraction activities. And, they are what draw so many of us to live here. They must be protected from those who would exploit them for short-term gain, would limit our access to them or would transfer Federal lands to the state where they inevitably would be sold to the highest bidder. Our public school system is key to having a viable workforce in the state. It should be expanded to the Pre-K level and protected from those who would divert public school funds to private schools who don’t embrace strong math and science curriculums. And we must protect our citizens from abuse and discrimination based on their ethnicity, gender or gender orientation.

Caitlin Copple | Public Affairs & Communications | Boise/Missoula

I work between Western Montana and Boise, Idaho, and I believe strongly in supporting an entrepreneurial and business culture that includes everyone. As the first openly queer person elected to the Missoula City Council back in 2011, I’ve seen firsthand how much inclusivity matters when it comes to attracting fellow Millennials to work, study, and play in Big Sky Country. It’s important to me to support elected officials like Gov. Steve Bullock and Sen. Jon Tester because they understand that fairness is a fundamental Montana value that can only strengthen our economy.

Bill Stoddart | Finance | Bozeman

As a 25-year Montana resident and independent business owner who has started several enterprises, taught for nearly ten years in the public schools, earned my MA at Montana State University – Bozeman, and who has chosen to raise my family here, I am firmly committed to the ideals of public access to public lands, inclusion of all persons, and investment in public education and infrastructure. As Montanans, we are fortunate to live in a region with abundant natural amenities, and we owe it to future generations to perpetuate the quality of life we all currently enjoy by working together in both the public and private sectors to protect the values and resources that are central to our thriving communities.

Susan Carstensen | Software | Bozeman and Polson

I’m a 5th generation Montanan who has had the privilege of growing up in Billings, attending college at MSU and returning (after 10 years in Denver) to Bozeman to work at a couple great companies and raise my two children. I currently am involved in the startup community and businesses all across Montana and can say with conviction that there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur in Montana. I care passionately about Montana and believe it’s worth spending the time to figure out and share why I “choose Montana” and choose to support certain policies, politicians and candidates including Governor Bullock, Senator Tester, and Kathleen Williams. I don’t look to government to create jobs, I think that’s something people do. I do look to the state to support and protect the core things that are what make Montana great to live and work: public education, environment/access, diversity and infrastructure.

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