OpenSource Montana Board Members

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Susan Carstensen

Susan is a Founding Partner at Yellowstone Growth Partners. During her career as a technology executive with RightNow Technologies, Powerhouse Technologies, and Lockheed Martin she led global growth by making sound financial decisions and putting people first.  As a startup investor and advisor for Foundant Technologies, Printing For Less, Quiq, and Frontier Angels, she's passionate about helping the next wave of Montana ventures create jobs and strengthen our state's economy.

As a 5th generation Montanan, she's committed to protecting the core values that make Montana a great place to make a living, and actively supports Montana State University, Bridger Ski Foundation, HATCH, and the Montana Women’s Foundation. Her children have been her greatest teachers in life, igniting a desire to create opportunities and fair access to affordable healthcare, quality education, inclusive policies, a clean environment, and modern infrastructure.

Scott Rosenzweig

Scott has had a fulfilling career as an executive and entrepreneur in the satellite and wireless space, and as the founder of two high-tech manufacturing companies grown in Bozeman and acquired by global firms. He’s also a partner in the Montana-based investment groups Better Angels and Real Angels that support the growth of startups and real estate opportunities. 

Scott founded OpenSourceMT to be a voice for Montana’s business community who believe the principles of fairness and decency are what make Montana the most entrepreneurial state in the nation. His wife is a public school employee, and his three children are products of the Montana public school system, one now at Montana State University. He actively supports BridgerCare, Haven, Bozeman Schools Foundation, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Frontier Fund II, EarlyStage Montana, and other organizations that support our communities and economic growth. He recharges his batteries as a long distance trail runner and a musician in a local rock band.


Swep Davis 

Swep is a conservationist, rancher, and retired businessman. His career helping to protect Montana's natural heritage began as an environmental regulator, overseeing the regulatory provisions of the Clean Water Act to protect our lakes, rivers, and drinking water supply.  He then moved on to a business career, taking a leadership role in several start-ups and managing companies involved with environmental policy and remediation.  That experience directly informed his later work as an investment banker in the environmental and infrastructure industries.  Throughout his career he managed the family cattle ranch to stay connected to the land and his roots.  Swep now lives in Bozeman, and remains active in the conservation community locally and at the national level.  

Original OpenSource Montana cofounders:  Susan Carstensen, Jeff Batton, Swep Davis, Stephen Durbin, Ken Fichtler, Michael Fitzgerald, Scott Rosenzweig, Kim Scurry, Bill Stoddart.  


OpenSource Montana mission statement

OpenSource Montana (OSMT) was founded during the 2016 elections by Montana high tech business leaders who care deeply about the principles that make Montana a great place to build businesses and raise families. OSMT has since expanded to become a diverse group of business-oriented Montanans dedicated to innovation, free-enterprise and a thriving Montana economy, culture and environment.

Strong defenders of the Constitution of the State of Montana and of the United States of America, OSMT promotes policies and practices in both government and in business that will advance Montana into the 21st century economy. The organization and the people involved are working to preserve what makes Montana the special place it is to live, to grow businesses and to thrive as communities, as a culture and as a vibrant State.

Dedicated to effective, accurate and transparent communication, OSMT involves itself in government decision-making and political campaigns that can affect the principles that are important to OSMT. When there is an opportunity to make a positive and meaningful impact on government policies or an election, OSMT will take a stand. OSMT is a non-partisan organization and is not affiliated with any political party, office holder or candidate and is committed to transparency of its funding sources.


  • Access to effective, affordable healthcare for all Montanans. We believe this is both morally right and essential for the health of Montana’s businesses;

  • A strong public education system that provides high-quality opportunities for all Montanans. This is a pillar of the Constitution of the State of Montana and essential to the future prosperity of our state and nation;

  • A healthful environment with a robust public land domain. Unencumbered access to public lands, rivers, lakes and streams is sacrosanct, and should not be put in jeopardy by any elected official or public servant;

  • Inclusive public policies that empower all individuals to thrive and prosper regardless of gender, gender orientation, religion or ethnicity. Businesses and communities get the best from their people when people are empowered;

  • A modern and efficient infrastructure that supports transportation and communication in all areas of the state. Access to quality infrastructure supports both business and community;

  • Fair tax policies that support the growth and future health of the state through the promotion of income stability, the reduction of poverty, and the support of small businesses. A strong economy embraces and lifts all citizens;

  • Fair and open voting access for all citizens and the avoidance or elimination of gerrymandered voting districts. There is nothing more fundamental to the concept of a well-functioning democracy than that each citizen be allowed the right to vote in a free and fair election.