OpenSource Montana is an independent PAC with a simple goal to protect what makes our state a great place to make a living and a life, now and for the future.


We’re not tied to a political party or a candidate - we support the people and issues that keep our economy and communities strong.

Montanans deserve leaders who will promote affordable and effective healthcare for all of us, and who will fight to protect our access to public lands and clean rivers. Our kids need champions to work tirelessly for an education system that gives them a leg up in life.  The people we’ve elected should have the courage to stand up for our ability to make a living, instead of rubber stamping someone else’s agenda. 

We’re working to amplify candidates that embody those convictions, guided by these core principles:

  • Affordable and effective healthcare for all Montanans.

  • Access to clean rivers, public lands, and a healthy environment. 

  • A strong public education system that creates opportunities for our children.

  • Fair and inclusive policies that protect Montana’s families and small businesses. 

  • Modern infrastructure to support our growing economy. 


We’re launching our second video ad contest!

With both a Democratic and Republican Primary in full-swing, the leadership of OpenSource Montana has launched its second Montana Political Ad Contest, allowing people and filmmakers from all viewpoints to share their stories and have their voices heard publicly in this election contest.

A $1,500.00 first prize, $1,000.00 second prize, $500 third prize and $100 Audience Award will go to the winning advertisements submitted on-line according to the terms of the contest.



OSMT was founded in 2016 by business leaders from Montana’s high tech sector committed to protecting the unique values that make our state a great place to build businesses and raise families. Our membership has expanded to include a diverse group of business and community leaders dedicated to protecting what makes our state unique, while preparing us for the future. We believe free enterprise and promotion of our core principles are the foundation for our ability to make a living without sacrificing our quality of life.