OpenSource Montana Announces The Winners of its “tell your healthcare story” video contest

Montana’s Citizens’ Super PAC Distributes $3,000.00 in Prize Money to Winners of Crowdsourced Stories from Montana Filmmakers Educating Voters Regarding Access to Affordable, High-Quality Healthcare

Montana – Deeply personal, moving and troubling stories of the state of healthcare in Montana and in the United States were submitted to the first OpenSource Montana “Tell Your Healthcare Story” video contest conducted over the past several weeks throughout Montana.

Now, after contest jury voting administered by Montana-based Audience Awards, the $3,000.00 of prize money is awarded to the Final Round Jury Winners:   

Andrew Zwijack’s Envisioning The Future of Healthcare Through the Eyes of a Pre-Med Student

Gaaby Patterson’s Heroes

Marshall Granger’s Affordable Care for Montanans with Type 1 Diabetes

A special Audience Award was earned by Jessica G. FerreR for her video open letter

“These intensely personal, painful and informative stories are helping to raise awareness among our citizens as well as our elected officials regarding the devastating state of healthcare in our country,” said Susan Carstensen, Chair, OpenSource Montana Board of Directors.  “For OpenSource Montana, these video stories are the voices of Montana that we will continue to promote in order to pressure elected officials to improve access and affordability of healthcare, including coverage of pre-existing conditions.  We are grateful to all who submitted their stories and are honored to have such wonderful participation in this first contest of its kind in Montana.”  

Here’s a quick recap from Susan on why OpenSource chose to run the healthcare story video contest to raise awareness of this important issue:

OSMT Board Member Susan Carstensen on the Growing Role of Women in Montana’s Tech Industry.

As the tech industry grows in Montana, are women growing with it?

By Abby Lynes ● Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

Susan Carstensen Montana tech industry

A longtime veteran of Bozeman’s tech world, Susan Carstensen, said the business climate for women in Montana doesn’t look like it did when she first started.

“The difference between 1995 and today, I think, is pretty dramatic,” she said.

Carstensen worked for RightNow Technologies, now Oracle, as a chief operating officer, chief financial officer and senior vice president of customer experience. She serves on numerous organizations’ boards and now does consulting for up-and-coming tech companies at Yellowstone Growth Partners, and she said she and others have worked hard to bring more women to the table.

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